Welcome to The Big Voyage

We are a French-Norwegian family of 5 who normally live in Oslo, Norway. We are travelling around the world for 7 months and have created this site to tell you about our project and what we experience on our journey.

We leave Oslo on September 29, 2010 and don’t plan to come back before April 23, 2011.

On this site you can read our travel blog entries and give us feedback with your comments. Once the site is fully up an running we will also have a guest book page for each of the family members as well as a common one.

We are Eirik (44), Hélène (40), Adrian (12), Viktor (10) and Iseline(7).

Eirik and Hélène have dreamt about travelling around the world together since they decided to try kissing each other a little over 20 years ago. Life’s little twists and surprises have made it impractical to live out that dream. Until now.

We feel very priviliged to be able to spend so much time travelling and seeing the world together. We are certain that this voyage will bring us closer together as a family and that we will all learn a lot.

We have made a point of calling this our voyage and not our vacation. We will discover the world together but the kids will need to keep up with their school work and Eirik and Hélène will be their teachers.

We know it will be difficult to keep in touch with friends and family while we are away. That is why we have created this site both to share with you and also for you to get in touch with us while we are travelling.

We hope you will enjoy our site.